2 1 3 - New feature: Duplication of vacancies

Duplication of vacancies is a long-awaited feature that can greatly facilitate the recruiting job. The majority of recruiters from time to time have to fill in vacancies of…


Despite the existing variety of systems for hiring automation, HR departments of numerous companies still prefer to work in an “old fashioned way”. Guided by the widespread erroneous assumptions, either recruiters themselves or their management often…

how to develop recruitment software and not to screw up

Some companies decide to develop software specifically for their own recruiters. Technologically, this is a difficult task.

how to sell manament on buying ATS

Many recruiters and HR professionals understand benefits of using the all-in-one software for recruitment. The problem is the advanced products are rarely available for free. So the question arises:…

jira for recruitment is worse than orgasm imitation

I’ve written this article to explain why you should not use Jira to manage candidates, vacancies, clients, interviews and tracking other activities.

We’ve updated the CleverStaff extension this December. Therefore, you can perform the improved search of candidates in your account after saving them from LinkedIn, HeadHunter, work.ua etc. The…

What’s good happened to CleverStaff in April?

There are some new features of CleverStaff appeared in the recent weeks.

Recruiting funnel

It is widely known sales funnel applied to recruitment. Recruiting funnel is based on the overall number of candidates for the vacancy and its change while they are…

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