New CleverStaff features in April

There are some new features of CleverStaff appeared in the recent weeks.

1. The search of candidates is improved. Words in search could be “words through AND” (all mentioned words could be in candidates’ profiles) and “words through OR” (any from a few words must be mentioned in found candidates’ profiles).
2. The “Source” field has been added to a candidate’s profile. Autocomplete is available for it too.
3. The possibility of writing multiline comments has been added. The text of the comment won’t be squeezed in one line no longer.
4. Additionally, the interface of the vacancy page has been improved. The new possibility of adding your company’s logo allows you to post vacancies along with the logo on social networks now. The example will be shown separately.
5. We have improved checking duplicates. When saving the candidate’s profile from LinkedIn to your CleverStaff account, there is search by contacts executing in the account to find the profile of the same candidate if it exists already. It was like this right from the beginning.
And now, the phone numbers in different formats are identifiable as well.
6. Earlier, the candidates’ profiles were checked for duplicates only by contacts when the candidate’s CV was added to the CleverStaff database. The main change is the candidates’ profiles being checked for duplicates by the first name and the last name also during adding their CVs to the database.
7. Emailing to clients lists of candidates has been improved.
8, 9, 10, 11. The positions identification in CVs has been improved. The algorithm of recommended candidates selection has been improved. Some bugs in the software and mistakes in the texts have been corrected.
Enjoy 🙂
Your friends @CleverStaff