News of April

What’s good happened to CleverStaff in April?

  • Interaction with hh. ru and is as cool as that with LinkedIn now!
  • The hiring ATS algorithm for finding CV files in email inbox has been improved.
  • Our new friends from Singapore had asked us to add Asian languages and currencies to the system, and we’ve done it.
  • The list of topical vacancies and last actions on them has appeared on the Organizer page. It provides easy access to all vacancies currently in the works.
  • The autocompletion of the “Desired position” field is available while adding a candidate now; the user can complement the directory of positions as well. It was requested by Natalia Zaitseva — thanks to her a lot!
  • The last comment on the candidate is available at the top of the candidate’s profile now without scrolling down the page. The idea came from Yuriy Gorokhovsky.
  • The suggestions of candidates for vacancies have been improved due to notice of Yuliy Verenko.

The month of May will be very interesting too!
Your friends @CleverStaff