how to sell manament on buying ATS

Many recruiters and HR professionals understand benefits of using the all-in-one software for recruitment. The problem is the advanced products are rarely available for free. So the question arises:…

jira for recruitment is worse than orgasm imitation

I’ve written this article to explain why you should not use Jira to manage candidates, vacancies, clients, interviews and tracking other activities.

Dear friends, As you might notice, we have rolled out the brand new interface design!

Dear friends! We are happy to start telling you about the updates which appeared in CleverStaff at the end of June! The direct emailing feature has been implemented. You can use this tool…

We are happy to present the first April update along with the third March update which wasn’t announced yet. “Thanks!” page was adorned and filled with emotions Vacancy page is opening…

  Yes, it has happened at last! Now you can give to your client access to your CleverStaff account.

Who’s interested in quick and easy sending an email with the list of candidates for a vacancy?

Vladimir-Kurilo-2014 CEO CleverStaff

Many times I have been asked: “Why did you decide to create an applicant tracking system? There are many similar systems already.” Good question. It’s time to answer it in details.

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