Why we created CleverStaff – CEO Vladimir Kurilo

Many times I have been asked: “Why did you decide to create an applicant tracking system? There are many similar systems already.”
Good question. It’s time to answer it in details.

HR professionals still do not have the single advanced software for recruitment considered a “blockbuster”. Such candidate tracking system would please everybody, satisfy all the needs and be easy to use.
There are some examples of software, which are undisputable leaders in definite sectors like Microsoft Word in arranging documents for printing or Adobe Photoshop for working with raster images. It wouldn’t be a good idea to create one more paid program competing with the mentioned ones, at least for a startup.
Meanwhile, the market of recruitment automation systems has no such example. And there are many more similar loose niches exactly.
One more reason is a quite massy well-established architecture of many CRM systems for recruitment created long ago which makes it difficult for them to adapt workflow to new trends and users’ needs. The flexibility of our applicant tracking system is the icing on the cake made up of good global opportunities.
Our company has very loyal price policy, so everyone can afford to use CleverStaff. Speaking in other words, we are trying to make our users’ lives a little better. I would emphasize that revenues are not for yachts and villas but to invest in the further development and new projects.
We are doing work in this global stream. Certainly, our aim is developing our CleverStaff project and doing other projects also. Information technologies can accelerate and increase the flows of energy in many different fields.
Vladimir Kurilo
CEO @CleverStaff