Improvements of candidates on vacancies and 4 updates more!

We are happy to present the first April update along with the third March update which wasn’t announced yet.

  • “Thanks!” page was adorned and filled with emotions 🙂


  • Vacancy page is opening faster now. It is boosted due to a new algorithm which helps to operate big lists of candidates.
  • Some updates of applications to vacancies were implemented.
  • Now, exporting candidates to Excel file is available in the ATS recruitment system along with links to their LinkedIn profiles. We’ve developed it by request of King’s Choice.
  • We’ve updated tapping the candidates on the vacancy page again. Now the long list of candidates can be displayed page by page. One can see the chosen stage and page in the address bar. The link can be sent to another user and the receiver would see the same thing (stage and page of the list). The new mode of viewing candidates as one list has been added. We have got requests for it from CNA International and Human Result. Additionally, we’ve added the option of searching a candidate in the vacancy by name. We were asked for this several times as well.

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