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Customizablesoftwarefor recruitment

Gamification gives +18,6% to productivity through encouragement and involvement. Moreover, CleverStaff is a super powerful because of:

  • ✅ Intelligent auto matching of candidates to vacancies
  • ✅ Smart database search
  • ✅ 15+ ways how to add candidates in a few clicks
  • ✅ Analytics and automatic reports
  • ✅ A lot of customisation for business needs
  • ✅ Cloud and server versions
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One dynamic programfor hiring process optimization

One dynamic program forhiring process optimization

Add candidates
in one сlick

Instant integration with LinkedIn, email and job search websites. Add candidates using browser extensions

Quick job reports

All reports for сustomets and managers are created automatically in seconds

of suitable candidates

The software’s algorithms offer candidates from your database that match vacancy criteria the most

letter/email templates

Send automatic letters to candidates using customizable templates

CV parsing technology

Upload CV of any format and CleverStaff will convert it to a structured record

Key features

Wide variety of
data management

15 ways to add candidates to the
database in one click


Customize software to your needs without participation of developer

on your server

Enterprise solutions for large companies

Tools for

More than 30 tools to make your
hiring process easier


All effective actions of recruiters
reflected in reports

Pricing plans

For the transition from russian recruitment programs Special conditions


per user
(paid for the year)
  • First 7 days for free
  • Manage your recruitment process


Get a custom plan
  • Autonomous license on your own server
  • Unlimited possibilities
*we provide free access for universities and charitable foundations

Recruitment is a strategic task for any company. A recruiter or HR looks through dozens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of resumes to find a candidate for the job with the necessary education, experience, and qualifications. Search takes time, but the business does not have it. The CleverStaff recruitment system is designed specifically to speed up the search process and find options that suit the company. Thus, ATS for recruiting saves time and financial resources of the recruiter and the company as a whole.

Why CleverStaff?

CleverStaff is a smart applicant tracking system that automates the process. It is designed for human resources departments of companies and agencies that specialize in recruiting. CleverStaff will enable customers to enjoy a range of benefits from using the software, including:

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