Every day is a new achievement: how gamified software increases productivity

In 2022, CleverStaff introduced its exclusive update – the gamification. Its main goal is to improve the recruiter’s user experience through greater interest in the work they do every day. CleverStaff was the first among the world’s developers of recruiting systems to offer such a solution. Therefore, after some time, the developers decided to find out whether something had changed after users started working with gamified software. After beta testing, which was attended by recruiters from leading IT companies, quite unexpected conclusions were made.

What did the beta test participants say?

They said that gamified mechanics have significantly changed their personal attitude towards the daily routine “operations”. Most of them shared positive impressions and noted that due to gamification, this part of their work became more interesting and diverse, intrigue appeared and tension disappeared.

An interesting fact: a considerable number of beta test participants liked to receive incentives – awards. This is a systemic “currency” in the form of bright gems that can be received for any (both small and large) achievements in the work – from correspondence with candidates to the organization of interviews.

During the testing, recruiters saw with their own eyes how the system digitized all their achievements, experience, awards, stages, levels, etc. They also had the opportunity to celebrate some small but “milestone” event like the solemn filling of the 10th vacancy, or compete with colleagues who will add more candidates. Moreover, recruiters performed only actions that are related exclusively to work – from creating vacancies to writing offers. But all this is with greater involvement – thanks to the plot and original visualization. If you are interested, the results of this survey can be found in more detail here.

But further events developed even more revealing. After a month of gamification, the test participants together with the developers compared their KPIs “before” and “after”. And it turned out that their efficiency increased by 18.6%! And all this is due to the fact that the specialist simply changed his attitude towards daily routine tasks.

Volodymyr Barkhat, the Founder of CleverStaff

“The routine part of the work often seems to be monotonous and empty. But through gamification we change the attitude to it. If the work is exciting and vibrant – then there is no question of any routine”

When is the greatest effect felt?

Even before the release of gamification, CleverStaff has provably calculated that a recruiter saves up to 20% of time when working with an automated system. In equivalent, it can be up to 2.4 months per year. In turn, professional software with gamification will save even more! In what way? Let’s model the situation.

If the recruiter:

1. did not use the software at all – then after starting to work with it, he is likely to increase his productivity by about + 20%;

2. used CleverStaff before the release of gamification – then with the update it will be more effective by about +18.6%;

3. ”moves” from conventional software to CleverStaff – then thanks to gamification, he will increase productivity by +18.6%; 

4. did not use the software at all, but decided to work in CleverStaff with gamification – then you should expect that the efficiency can increase by as much as 42%(!).

From 2 to 5

And how much time can be saved in this way per year? Considering the above figures, we see the following opportunities:

  • when a recruiter – a current CleverStaff user – starts working with gamification, he saves 2.23 months of work (12 months x 18.6%).
  • when a recruiter has not used the software before and starts with CleverStaff with gamification, he can free up 5.04 months of work (12 months x 42%).

From 2 to 5 months of saved time at work is a significant bonus, isn’t it? Especially when gamification affects the process from the qualitative side: all the achievements of the recruiter become clear, the user experience becomes more fun, the risk of burnout or procrastination is out of the question, and work, on the contrary, becomes exciting 🙂