Features everyone was waiting for: hide salary, highlight profiles and add candidates to the database automatically


The changes are:

  1. The ability to hide salary from the external vacancy page.

The customer often wants to offer salary, because its amount depends on the job interview results. Now, you have a choice to hide or display salary on the external page of the vacancy. To choose the necessary option open the vacancy in the edit mode and click on the “Display to candidates / Hide” button.
скрытие зп

  1. The system highlights the candidates’ profiles you opened earlier.

Probably, you have already noticed that candidates’ profiles you opened recently are highlighted in purple color in the general list. The new feature allows you to sort out the candidates whose profiles you haven’t checked yet.
открытые профили подсветка

  1. You can add an image to the vacancy when publishing it in social networks.

Now you can share job vacancies on social networks along with the image that you want 🙂
To upload the image open the “Vacancy” tab, select the desired vacancy and open its description, then click on the “Add promo image” button. Done!

Vacancy - Google Chrome 2018-11-04 14.17.22

  1. Candidates are added to the database from the “Applied people” stage automatically.

Now your database can be filled with candidates automatically. How is it possible?
Previously, when a candidate applied to a vacancy, his profile was stuck to it and stored at the “Applied people” stage. Such candidates’ profiles were added to the database only when the user changed the stage from the “Applied people” stage to the “Long list” stage manually. Due to us have simplified this process, the applied candidates are added to the database right away (the advantage is your database filled in automatically, thus the candidates that don’t fit the given vacancy can match any other).
CleverStaff Product Team