Farewell to russian clients

Farewell to Russian clients
Russia’s cruel, bloody war against our beloved Ukraine has been going on for 8 days.
For now, more than 2,000 civilians have died at the hands of your authorities and warriors in these 8 days.
We have employees and relatives who are not in touch and we do not know what is happening to them now.
As a society, like thousands of businesses in the civilized world, we refuse to do business in russia.
This is not a pragmatic choice. This is not a business decision. This is our ethical and value choice.
After past events, we are not interested in having commercial or cultural ties with you.
The world will not be the same. We have changed.
We are on the same path only with peaceful countries and with people who adequately perceive our reality and support us now.
What is happening can be read here @pravda_o_voyne_v_Ukraine.
Russian unfortunate warriors are burning here by the thousands, decades of thousands are wounded.
How to improve the situation? – Do not let russian troops in Ukraine. Do what you can to stop the war.
We are already doing this all over the country.