CleverStaff "Personal" plan limitation

Dear friends, we have important news:
We will limit some features of CleverStaff “Personal” plan in December (which is currently free to use).

Here’s why we decided to limit this plan:

We didn’t change the CleverStaff pricing policy since it had appeared in 2014. Many time has flown away since that time and we’ve done tons of work: added new features, integrations, modules and changed the interface design.
Thus, CleverStaff in 2014 and CleverStaff today are two completely different products as for invested work, human resources, technology, love, pain, time and money.
“Personal” account limitation will cover only a small part of functions, which will be available for “Corporate”, “For companies” and “Premium” plans.

After the “Personal” plan limitations are implemented, its users will not be able to:

  • Export candidates’ data into Excel file.
  • Check and download reports for a specific vacancy and recruitment funnel.
  • Track reports for each vacancy and user activity log.
  • Download candidates’ CVs into .docx files.
  • View reports on all vacancies.
  • Receive suggestions of candidates matching the open vacancies.
  • Add new users except “Clients” to CleverStaff account.
  • Create customized email templates for candidates.
  • Use the CleverStaff API.

Of course, we will leave the full functionality for all new users within the first 14 days of the trial, so they could explore the full functionality of CleverStaff ATS for recruiters.
We notify about upcoming changes beforehand, so that “Personal” plan users have time to think and make the right decision: to keep using the current plan or upgrade it and get more features.
We sincerely hope for your understanding. We are always open to your feedback — please contact us in case of any questions at or via Skype: cleverstaff.
Your friends @CleverStaff