New functions and improvements of CleverStaff in November

The following improvements of CleverStaff were implemented in November:

  • Report on vacancies is available. You can choose several vacancies and see what candidates have been found for them and the stages they’re currently on.
  • You can print the candidates’ pages along with comments on them. Developed by request of RTC, Human Result and KamaGames Studio.
  • The algorithm determining the same candidate was improved, and the CV parsing algorithm was upgraded as well.
  • Now the account Admin can save the new set of vacancy stages automatically.
  • We’ve corrected several bugs been reported by the users.

Thanks a lot for your participation! We have got many users’ requests for the software improvements. Now we’re going to engage more developers in working on CleverStaff ATS app. We’re intending to achieve more!
Your friends @CleverStaff