Where to find motivation to work? Tips from Daria Selivanova

7 simple but effective tips

It is not always easy to tune in to work. It happens to everyone. You sit there looking at a blank screen, dreading even the thought of work. And every few minutes, new letters come to your e-mail, your to-do list gets longer and longer…

It is time to save the situation. Namely, to try to act as advised by Daria Selivanova, Head of the Psychological Center “Don’t Panic”.

Tip 1 – Take a break

This piece of advice is trivial but effective. Often, the motivation to work is lost due to fatigue and depletion of emotional and physical resources. Therefore, if you like your job, but your motivation has disappeared, you need to ask yourself: How and when can I have rest? What kind of rest brings me recovery and strength?

Tip 2 – Organize your workspace and time more carefully

Answer yourself the following questions: Do I feel physically comfortable working now? If I work like this for another 5-10 years, will I be happy with it? What can I do now to make it more comfortable? How to redistribute working time and arrange/find a place to work?

Tip 3 – Look for conflicts that may affect your desire to work

Ask yourself: are there people with whom I do not want to “come to work” because of difficulties in our relationship? Remember that conflicts can be both overt and covert. For example, you may be afraid to express your dissatisfaction, endure inconveniences in communication, etc.

Tip 4 – Ask for a change in job duties, position, or salary

Often, motivation is lost because you already want some kind of growth and new tasks. Consider the following questions: Do I want something new? Have I stayed in one place too long?

Tip 5 – Overcome the imposter syndrome and…

stop constantly worrying about mistakes. This is something that can exhaust and kill any, even the strongest motivation. Answer yourself the following questions: Am I afraid of making mistakes? Do I know my weaknesses and strengths as a professional? Do I notice my successes?

Tip 6 – Remember why you work

You may have forgotten that work is not just about earning money in exchange for time spent. It can also be a source of other pleasant excitement: professional fulfillment, involvement in the development of a global cause, self-reliance, confidence, status. Answer the question: What does your job give you? What are your worries?

Tip 7 – Consult a psychologist,

if you cannot cope with the questions on your own 🙂.

P.S We thank Daria for these recommendations!

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