How to calm down at work fast: 7 techniques for recruiters

What do you do when the “boiling point” is reached and it will definitely “explode” right now? Here are some effective tips from psychologist Dariia Selivanova that will bring you back to balance in your emotions in the most difficult moments. 


Breathing by square

If you are suddenly overwhelmed by strong emotions, find any square in front of you: a monitor screen or a window will do. Focus your eyes on it and start breathing as follows: move your eyes along the top, inhale, go down one side – hold your breath, move your eyes along the base of the square – exhale, go up the other side – hold again. Breathe in this way “by the square” about 10-15 times. 

Rubber band

Let there be a rubber band for money among your work things. If you feel anxious or afraid, you can pull the rubber band over your hand and lightly tap yourself on the arm. This will help you switch your attention a bit and your emotions will calm down a bit.

Planning for a “nervous breakdown”

If you have unpleasant emotions in the midst of your workday, make sure you schedule a time when you can worry about what’s bothering you. For example: “I’ll worry from 4 to 4:30 pm.” In other words, don’t just try to “suppress” the unpleasant state, but set aside a special time for it.


If you feel yourself getting angry or aggressive, you can quietly go to the restroom or lock up in a meeting room. If you work from home, it’s even easier – find a private place in your apartment. Then imagine that you are holding a very heavy ball above your head. You need to tense all your muscles to hold it. Imagine that you are also squeezing it with all your might. Hold this imaginary ball like this for 10-15 seconds. And then throw it as far as you can with all your might. Repeat 4-5 times. You should throw with an exhalation, you can also throw with a sound. 


Another technique for overcoming intense fear or anxiety. You need to intertwine your hands as shown in the picture, fold them over your chest, and start patting yourself alternately with your right and left hands. Perform the exercise for 3-5 minutes. 

Cleaning up

Another technique that helps with sudden nervousness, resentment, or anger. When we are in this state, we want to destroy something, get rid of something. Let it be garbage, unorganized documents, duplicate images in your phone. Start organizing anywhere you can, throwing away everything you don’t need and destroying what you don’t want. 

Full stop

If a situation has affected you emotionally, you may feel that it is of great importance. But what happens if you imagine that a year passed. Or five years. Draw a line on a sheet of paper that will represent your entire life. And now put a full stop on it. This is the present situation. Try to imagine what it will mean when a lot of time passes. Make a segment on the line in a year. In five years. Try to imagine, looking at the entire line, whether you will remember this adventure at all after some time? How will you tell your friends about it years later?