New vacancy page and updating candidates from CVs

Dear friends, we are glad to present you the third February update! This time it has 7 points:

  • The main improvement is the “Vacancy” page divided into tabs and looking more user-friendly (i.e. easy to understand). Now you have more space for the list of candidates, tasks and recommendations.


  • Now users can update descriptions of the candidates while attach CVs. This improvement was made on request of Olga Makarova (KamaGames).


  • The new payment service WayForPay is available in the applicant system. The amount of successful payments has increased.
  • Three bugs have been fixed thanks to notice of Karina Taran (AMC Bridge Ukraine).
  • The recruiting funnel has been improved on request of Oxana Goncharova.
  • The Client’s role was renamed to Hiring Manager with assistance of Irina Lisovska (PulsarFour). Now the role’s name and ordering party (company/department) have different titles.
  • The tariff plans’ description on the start page has been updated.

Team CleverStaff