Tasks notification of assignments or execution

Dear friends, we have had feedback from you about the need of receiving notifications by email and in the system. Earlier you could track whether you were assigned any task only in “Organizer” tab. But now it has became much more convenient, and you will not miss assignments definitely.
Now in the system you can use such updates

  • Notification of appointment as responsible for the task.

If your colleagues appoint you as responsible for the task, you will receive a notification about this by email.
Notifications, which you receive on email,  will allow you not to miss important tasks.

If you don’t want to receive notifications, you can turn them off. Go to the settings and click “Email notifications” button and remove the checkmark from the corresponding item.
Email notifications - Google Chrome 2018-09-21 15.52.42

  • Tasks notification of execution

If the responsible user for task changed its status or even deleted it, the task creator will receive a notification about it in the system on the “Notifications” page.
Your friends from CleverStaff