New design of the system interface

New interface in CleverStaff ATS system

Dear friends, our dedicated team continues updating the CleverStaff interface appearance. The long-expected improvements are already here!

The user interface looks crisp and classy now. We have also changed some details in it to make your work in the system more convenient and effective.


CleverStaff interface before the change:

Old CleverStaff interface

And after the change:

New CleverStaff interface theme


Notice that the “Invite user” button has changed its place:

Invite user button




Besides, we have relocated the “View” button to make switching the visibility modes of the account more handy:

View all data in CleverStaff






The interface settings menu has been changed too. It had such appearance prior the update:

Old settings











Currently, the menu looks this way:

New interface in CleverStaff ats










We didn’t forget to update the mobile version of CS interface making its usability better as well.

The mobile version of CleverStaff before the change:

Old adaptive CleverStaff interface












And after the change:

New adaptive interface in CleverStaff












Pretty elegant, don’t you think?

The further the better ;)

Your friends @CleverStaff


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