Gamification mechanics: a new perspective on the recruiter’s work

Friends, we have great news! We have prepared an update that is sure to leave no one indifferent. This is a system for recruitment gamification!

CleverStaff developed the gamification concept last year and this year we have already implemented the software and visual part of the project. And now the recruiter software is already working with gamification elements.

Why did we decide to implement gamification?

The thing is that the search and selection contains a lot of routine work that a recruiter does partly by means of software, but it is not becoming less, but even more, because the flow of data and the volume of databases are constantly growing.

At the same time, CleverStaff gamification marks and funnily visualizes recruiters’ daily successes and achievements that are usually invisible and hard to count. Our recruiters now receive awards and honors for almost every process – from vacancy posting to interviewing, as well as “celebrating” all “anniversary” achievements at work.

What does the menu look like now?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the new tab in the menu, which is called “Achievements”. For each achievement the recruiter gets currency – gems, accumulates experience, moves from level to level, experiences different of emotions – it’s all interesting looking and encouraging!

Those who like competition, have the opportunity to compete with colleagues for prizes. And having accumulated experience, without exaggeration, you can feel like… a goddess or god of the hunt ☺. After all, the recruiter now has direct contact with the ancient goddess Artemis, the modern patroness of recruitment ☺

According to Volodymyr Barkhat, the CEO of CleverStaff, this gamification format is designed to change the very attitude to work for the better and make it exciting. “We have been developing the functionality of the system for 8 years, giving recruiters more and more tools to work with. The whole recruiting software industry is doing this, and it is great. But the problem is that the efficiency decreases over time. When the most in-demand features are implemented, simplifying recruiting by at least 10% more is a very difficult task, most likely years of hard intellectual work. That is why we decided to make such a rare, challenging and promising move for corporate software – to take care of the emotional part of the work”, – says Volodymyr.

And let’s be indiscreet – for the first time in Ukraine and worldwide CleverStaff offers gamified software – with digitization of all the achievements and emotional focus on work.

You can find details about the CleverStaff gamification system in the guide.