New feature: Boolean Search

We’ve added a brand new “Boolean Search” feature to our platform functions. Boolean Search uses logical operators which help you with generating more precise queries.
It usually takes a lot of one’s time to find the perfect candidate – one needs to find, then scan, and remove those candidates who don’t have all required skills. Boolean Search in CleverStaff system allows you to form complex queries using “AND” / “OR” operators, quotes, brackets, and even excluding unnecessary words with “NOT” operator. It’s very comfortable, isn’t it?

The rules of Boolean Search in CleverStaff applicant tracking system for recruiters

You can use 3 logical operators: AND”, “OR”, “NOT” (must be written in capital letters).
Use “AND” to find a candidate having in his CV all words mentioned in the query.
Use “OR” to embrace the terms with the same meaning, but called different words.
Use “NOT” to exclude unnecessary words or phrases from the search results.
notOperator “NOT” has to be used in the end of the search query.
In case you need to find several words or the whole phrase, put them into quotation marks “”.
Don’t use the same logical operator twice or more in one query. Use brackets () to group the search parameters and to prioritize them.
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