Updated Scorecards – more options for the recruiter

Friends, we would like to introduce you to CleverStaff’s last major update in 2022 – updated scorecards.

What has been changed:

  • Appearance of the cards. We reconsidered the appearance of the cards to make it easier for you to navigate if there are many scores and replaced the visual display of the score with a numeric display for easy comparison of candidates with each other.

  • Score formation. Previously, users were giving their own overall score for a card, while the ratings by criteria had no effect on it. We thought this was wrong, so now the overall score is calculated as the average of all the criteria in the card.
  • Comments under the criteria. Also, in addition to the general comment, you can now leave a separate comment under each of the criteria.

  • Up to 3 cards – to one vacancy. Previously, you could only add one scorecard to a vacancy and if you replaced it, the scores already assigned to it, would be removed. Now you can add up to 3 cards to one vacancy and when you change cards, the scores are not deleted.

  • The old scores will not be lost anywhere – don’t worry about it. We will convert their score to a new number format. The total score will be based on the old total score. It will be recalculated according to the new formula only in case of its editing.
  • Enhanced candidate search. Due to this you can now find all candidates who have been rated by the scorecard you selected.

We also would like to let you know that in the future we plan to add the display of grades in our Report Builder and in the candidate upload to Excel.

We hope that our update on scorecards will be useful to you!

We wish you productive work with CleverStaff!