New CleverStaff version: the first one in 2017!

We hope you had a great time on your New Year holidays!
Meanwhile, we released the new CleverStaff version with a list of updates.
Here are some of them:

  • New candidates’ search using multiple keywords. Thanks to Anastasia Lisnichenko from CNA International IT.
  • All inactive vacancies are displayed in candidates’ profiles. Thanks to Liudmila Denisenko and other users 🙂

CleverStaff _ Inactive vacancies are displayed in candidates’ profiles

  • Upgraded support form: now you can attach files and screenshots. Please, add them to your requests so we could understand them better and solve the problem ASAP.

CleverStaff _ Upgraded support form

  • Now you can choose multiple candidates using the “Select all” field. Thanks to Alexandra Kononska from NCube.

CleverStaff _ multiple candidates via 'Select all' field

  • The all users activity log has been improved in some details.

With love,
Your friends @CleverStaff