Version update: new languages added to CV parsing technology, improved tags, and software performance

We implemented such features:
1. Improved the performance of the software. Previously, we worked on algorithms improvements to increase the speed of interface response. This time we used the new server to allocate the software load. 
2. The limited roles interface (Hiring manager, Freelancer, Sales Manager) became more user-friendly and easy to use.
Users with the “Hiring manager” role will not be able to see the salary in the vacancies and candidate profiles.
3. We added CV parsing technology in the following languages:
– Slovak;
– Romanian;
– Hungarian;
– Polish;
– Bulgarian.
It will help our users to add CV files to the database in these languages faster and easier. You can add candidate’s CV, even if they, for example, in Polish: when you add CVs, all names & positions will appear in appropriate fields in the candidate’s profile.
4. Improved ‘tags for candidates’ feature. Now you won’t be able to add tags with the same characters, but for example, with the upper case — this allows to avoid the tag duplication in your account.

Such tags as «Java», «java» and «JAVA» are marked as the same in the CleverStaff.
5. We made the interface of the ‘Send candidates via email’ page more user-friendly.
Just go to «Vacancies» tab → «Open vacancies» → select the right position and stage → click on the «Send to email» button and see what was changed.
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