New version: mass tags and adaptive blog

Here are the new improvements from the latest release:

  • Assigning tags to multiple candidates. Add tags for all selected candidates in the list at the “Candidates” tab. To do this, put the checkmarks on the necessary profiles and click the “Add tags” button (by request of our users from WebSunGroup) 🙂

CleverStaff_Assign tags to multiple candidates

  • Searching candidates by their “Personal contacts” availability as a criterion. Choose one of two options: “Available” and “Unavailable”.

CleverStaff_Search candidates by ‘Personal contacts’ availability

  • The list of the account users (on the “Account” page) appears faster and without delay.
  • Adaptive blog. Read CleverStaff news on devices with different screen resolutions (smartphones and tablets) more conveniently.

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