New feature: Invoice generation in CleverStaff interface

Dear friends, our team has improved the interface of the payment page and added the new feature — Invoice Generation. Now you can get the invoice by yourself right in your interface in a few minutes; you need to fill in your company data only once.

1The payment page has two blocks.
The left block shows:

  • your account balance;
  • end date of the paid period;
  • paid users amount;
  • your current tariff.

You can track your payment history and changes on the payment page.
Click on the “Payment History” button to track the date and the amount of money you have paid.
Also, you can view the total daily charge taken from your CleverStaff account by clicking on the “Transitions history” button.
To make a payment, you need to check the amount of users and the period you wish to pay for in the right block. If you pay for 4 months, you will get 10% bonus from the system; and if you pay for 12 months at once, your bonus will be 20%.
Choose the eligible payment method by clicking on “Pay by card” or “Pay by invoice”.
Now you can generate the invoice by yourself by clicking on the “Pay by invoice” button.
Check the data accurately (the amount of users and the period) and then select the payment currency.
Enter all the information and click on the “Generate invoice” button. 

Check your billing information once again and then confirm the download of the invoice by clicking on the “Yes, download the invoice” button.
Your invoice will be ready in a few seconds. It’s quite convenient, isn’t it? 😉
If you have any questions concerning payment contact us:
Your friends from CleverStaff