New version: hide vacancy from the public list and invite Hiring manager directly to the vacancy


We’ve added such improvements:

1. The ability to hide the vacancy from the public list

“Our vacancies for candidates” – in this block all your vacancies are visible. Recruiters often need to hide some vacancies from your account public list for different reasons. Just open the vacancy and click on the “Hide vacancy from public list” selector.
QA Engineer _ CleverStaff - Google Chrome 2018-03-05 13.09.40
2. Invitation to Hiring manager directly to the vacancy in account

Earlier, if you wanted to show some information for the hiring manager, you needed to send him an invitation, wait for his registration and then appoint him as responsible for the vacancy. Now you don’t need to wait! We have added the ability to choose vacancy for Hiring manager at the invitation stage. It’s very comfortable, isn’t it?
Organizer _ CleverStaff - Google Chrome 2018-03-05 15.42.19
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