Adjustment of candidate’s refusal reasons and files overview

Dear friends! We are happy to present you 4 points of our second March improvement:

  • Reviewing the attached files on the screen without downloading them. Many people asked us about it; the last reminder was from Maria Griboyedova of MacPaw.


  • Adjusting the vacancy stages is even more widen and user-friendly now. CleverStaff users can add any refusal reasons they got from candidates. This improvement was developed on request of Marina Nasyrova for Lombard “Blago”.


  • The option of creating the Employee ID and searching by this ID was implemented to HR module (on request of Irina Lisovskaya specially for PulsarFour).


  • Also, we have fixed some small bugs on requests of King’s Choice, Indigo, Huntress, Tapgerine.

Your friends @CleverStaff