Voithos AI is a new intelligent assistant in CleverStaff!

Friends, colleagues, we have great news for you!

We have created an intelligent assistant in CleverStaff – Voithos AI 🤓 We are currently conducting final testing.

Voithos AI starts helping you to correctly retrieve information from resume files that you add manually, using a plugin, upload through the resume archive, save from reviews, or from integrated mail.

This is a very convenient improvement, because as you know, earlier only basic information was added to the relevant fields from resume files – such as full name, contacts, date of birth, position, etc. In turn, work experience, skills, education – all this was stored in the “Description” block. Now, in addition to improving the quality and correctness of storage, we will add this information to the appropriate blocks and fields in the candidate’s profile.

Please note that data updates using Voithos AI do not occur immediately, but some time after the candidate’s profile is created. We will additionally notify you of the update with a corresponding entry in the candidate’s action history and a notification in the “Bell” 🔔

Now, with Voithos AI, autosuggestion of candidates will work even better if you fill out the vacancy requirements – what experience is required, how many years of experience, etc.

And yes, we are still testing Voithos AI, and not all of our customers have had time to get acquainted with the update.

You can learn more about Voithos AI by contacting our technical support or requesting a demo.

We continue to work on our AI assistant and increase its usefulness for recruiters 💪