New type of authorization – SAML: what you should know

Everyone who currently works at CleverStaff knows about 3 types of authorization. These are standard login and password authorization and Facebook or Google account authorization. But especially for large corporate clients with special requirements for security and access management, we have added the 4th type – SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language).

What is SAML? SAML is an authentication standard that allows users to access multiple services from a single account by entering login credentials only once.

The identity provider verifies the user when they log in and then transmits the user’s authentication credentials via the SAML protocol to the service provider that runs the site, service, or application that the user wants to access.

Simply stated, the user will not use any separate data (login and password) to log in to CleverStaff, but a single corporate account. On the one hand, this is very convenient for teamwork, and on the other hand, it is safe and controlled.

SAML is a common basic technology. Therefore, you can connect different services to manage identification and access. For example, Azure Active Directory from Microsoft.

Only the user in the Administrator role can set up this connection in the account settings by entering the necessary data.