New function in the CleverStaff system – “Scorecards”

Just declared technical skills and information from CVs isn’t enough for creating an applicant portrait and understanding how accurate it matches to opened vacancy. We were thinking a lot about which parametres recruiters needed for absolutely clear characteristics of candidate and understood that requirements of each vacancy were  as unique as each of applicant. More effectively is giving to recruiters an ability of creating parameters for their marking. 
That’s why 11th of July the CleverStaff system was added the new function – Score cards. 
From now the choosing an ideal candidate gets easier. CleverStaff users can create personal choosing criteria – technical knowledge level and work experience, important soft skills, applicants’ life values, flexibility and scales of thinking – everything you need.
Create your own criteria, interview candidate and input your marks on parameters into the  system. And let the hiring process will be simple and clear for each member of the process. And vacancies get closed by much more relevant applicants.