How to measure the productivity of recruiters?

In recruitment, it is important to measure the performance of each recruiter for a specific period.
Use CleverStaff applicant tracking software to create instant and convenient reports in two ways:

The account’s statistics

Select the desired time period (week / month / year / all of the time) on the “Account” / “Statistics” page and check the detailed amount of:

  • added candidates;
  • filled vacancies;
  • conducted interviews;
  • average time spent to fill the vacancy.

There are absolute and percentage ratios for each particular recruiter.
Statistics _ CleverStaff_Recruiters_efficiency

This feature is available only for “Admin” and “Recruiter” user roles.

The “Candidates” page

Download the lists of candidates found by each recruiter:

  • on the “Candidates” page select the “Sort by date of addition”;
  • in the search criteria select the responsible recruiter;
  • click “Export to Excel”;
  • in the downloaded file there will be all the candidates of the recruiter sorted by the date of addition.

CleverStaff - lists of candidates found by each recruiter_efficiency
The function is only available for the “Admin” user role.
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