Version 2.0.7

Friends, release 2.0.7 includes the following improvements:

  • Added the ability to set avatars for users of their account. You can do this in Settings – My Profile.

аватарка 2

  • Added the ability to copy a Candidate’s contact with one click.


  • Added the ability to minimize blocks in the Candidate’s profile. Now you can minimize those blocks that you are not using, and CleverStaff will remember your choice to open the following profiles.


  • Now the “Contacts” block on the Candidate’s profile can be edited separately from the rest of the page. This will allow you to quickly edit the Candidate’s contacts.


  • The message that CleverStaff found a duplicate candidate in your database will now be displayed more clearly.


  • When merging takes, you can now select contacts from both profiles to save.


  • Returned the candidate counter.