Version 1.8.7

Friends, we present a new release of CleverStaff with the ticket system!
It is a new way of communicating with us 🙂
Click on the chat on the right corner and you will see a new button with a picture of a bug. It forwards you to a new portal.
You can leave two types of requests there: report a bug and suggest a new feature.
How it works:

  • you create a ticket and it immediately comes to us for consideration;
  • you can see all your tickets and tickets of your team and their statuses in this portal;
  • you will be notified by email of every change in ticket status.

This system will allow you to know the status of your request at any time. No need to spend your time to ask the support about it, if someone of your colleagues has already informed us about it.
All your suggestions for improvements will be structured and clear for you.
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