Mentioning of users in comments and other summer improvements of CleverStaff

Friends, in this article we would like to tell you which updates we have released lately.

  • We have added the possibility to mention other users in comments on candidates, vacancies and customers by means of the @ symbol. Only those users can be marked who have an access to comments and if a candidate, customer or vacancy is available to that user. A marked user will get an email notification and a notification in CleverStaff.

  • We have added the possibility for the Hiring Manager to open a visibility of attachments on the candidate and salary on the candidate and vacancy. Only the Administrator can open and close access in the user settings.

  • We have also added the ability to select a vacancy stage when saving candidates by means of our plugin.

  • In the advanced search, you can search for more than one skill simultaneously.

  • In the Excel upload of the candidates, we have added a column “Responsible for the candidate”.

  • For those who were uncomfortable with the sequence of first and last names of the candidates and users, we have added the function to change this order.

  • For your convenience, we now have new payment methods