Kanban board: new opportunities for working with candidates

Dear friends, we have good news for you! We have added a new type of displaying candidates for Vacancies, and namely – in the form of a Kanban board. This allows for more convenient management of candidates at the stages of recruitment.

Now the candidates are not displayed in the form of a table, as before, but in the form of cards. We have placed all the important information about the candidate on the cards: His/her full name, photo, position, evaluation result, an available comment, time period when the candidate is at a certain stage, etc.

You can move these candidate cards by stages either one by one or en masse (except for moving to the interview stage) by means of holding the cursor on the respective card and “moving” it to the desired stage.

Candidates being in your area of ​​responsibility are now marked with a green frame. This will significantly facilitate orientation and work with information during the hiring process.

We hope that the Kanban board will help you to work even more efficiently!