Version 2.1.3

Friends, we released a cool update of our Job portal!

What has changed:

  • Now you can customize your Job portal. In addition to choosing a company logo, you can choose a background color and add a cover.

Oblozhka - Version 2.1.3


  • We have changed the “Information” block. We expanded our contacts, added the Industry of the company. You can configure this in Account – Account Settings.

Informatsiya - Version 2.1.3


  • We have redesigned the list of vacancies on a Job portal, displaying important information on the preview of the vacancy

Spisok vakansij - Version 2.1.3

  • We also redesigned the vacancy itself. Now it looks like this:

Vakanisiya - Version 2.1.3

  • We have added a separate tab “About the Company”, where you can tell about yourself to your job candidates

Opisanie - Version 2.1.3

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