Version 2.0.4

Friends, release 2.0.2 includes the following improvements:

  • We have reworked the “Comments” block on the candidate’s profile. In addition to visual changes, we added two new features: the ability to pin a comment at the top of the list and the ability to add a comment on the candidate’s profile, which will be visible to the user with the Hiring Manager role.

Новіе комментарии

  • Redesigned the “Notifications” section. Now notifications are grouped according to their type.

нотисі 2

  • We implemented search for skill synonyms. For example, you are looking for JS, and the system also searches for java script / javascript. It works in general search and search by position.


  • We returned the “Testing” block to the candidate’s profile.

тест 2

  • In a recent release, we change the Candidate Skills. In this release, we have added the ability to search for them.

поиск по навікам

  • We’ve redesigned some interface elements, е.g. lists of Candidates, Vacancies, Customers, history of actions and tasks in the Organizer.