Redesign of sections and settings, common Job report and other changes

Friends, we’ve prepared a short article about the latest updates in CleverStaff.
We have been developing CleverStaff over the last 7 years and during this period we have added lots of new menu items, sections, options, etc. Due to fact that all these updates appeared not all at once, but over the years it has caused some confusion. Therefore, we have reorganized our sections, settings, and some menu items. So what’s changed?

  • We’ve hidden the less popular sections behind the button with the three dots thus they do not take up much space. Were moved the sections “My Profile” and “Users” from the account settings tab.

  • We’ve moved all integration settings to a separate menu bar. Now you will see information on whether your integration is configured or not.

  • We’ve moved the account settings tab to the Settings bar and reorganized its content.


  • The interface language preference is also hidden in the Settings bar.

In addition to the redesign, the release includes the following improvements:

  • We’ve added the possibility to build a common Job report (Funnel report) for 2 or more vacancies but only if these vacancies have the same workflow vacancy stages.

  • We also added information on how much time the candidate spent at each stage to the Job report.

  • We have added the possibility to save the selected sorting view on the Jobs list tab. Previously, sorting turned back to the default view after every page refresh.

  • We’ve added a notification when your colleague has completed a candidate scorecard.