New search criteria of the Advanced Candidate Search and other improvements

Friends, this release includes a lot of interesting improvements:

  • We’ve added new search criteria to the Advanced Candidate Search: Search by “Last Activity by Candidate”. You will be able to specify the exact date or period to find candidates with the activity at the specified time/period

  • Another new criteria in the Advanced search is “Participation in Vacancies”. Using this criteria, you will be able to find all candidates who were added to the specified vacancy

  • Now the visibility filter also works for candidates in vacancies. This way you will be able to filter your candidates directly in vacancy stages

  • We’ve added the possibility to specify the location while choosing the “Remote” employment type if you look for a candidate in a specific country or city

  • In the report “Number of candidate sources,” we’ve added the possibility to search in the field “Users”; and in the report “User performance” in the “Vacancy”, “User” fields

  • We’ve added the possibility to attach files while sending candidates for review to the Client. Now your client will also receive files besides links to the candidate profiles. These can be test results, some documents, etc

  • We’ve added the possibility to add tags for Candidates in the vacancy stage

  • In the “User performance” report, the refusal stages have been divided and now you will have access to information on each refusal stage separately