Refinement of reports in CleverStaff

Friends, we all understand how important it is to constantly analyze the results of your work. Without it, it is impossible to find your points of growth, optimize your workflow, or reallocate resources in your team to achieve even greater results. That is why in CleverStaff you will find 7 reports that cover most requests. Most, but not all.
We are well aware of this, so we are constantly working to improve our reports. In this post, we want to share with you what we have recently improved and what we plan to do in the near future.

  • In the “User statistics” report, we added a line “Total” and average time to fill positions (per user and per account in general);


  • We added an ability to download the report “Funnel and the vacancy report” in Excel, and added the funnel itself in the PDF format;


  • We refactored the “User activity” and “Report designer” reports and fixed some bugs in the work logistics (the latest corrections will be included in one of the closest releases).

In the future, we also plan to make the following improvements to the reports:

  • We will add reasons for rejection to the “Funnel and the vacancy report”;
  • Add the ability to generate a common report “Funnel…” for a group of vacancies at once;
  • We will arrange the sequence of stages in the “User activity” report.

We wish you good work!