Why we created CleverStaff — CEO Vladimir Kurilo


Many people have asked me: «Why did you decide to create such a system, because there are already many similar systems?»

Good question. High time to give a detailed response to it.

HR still not have single advanced system for recruitment, which would be considered like a blockbuster. System that would please everybody, to satisfy all needs and was comfortable to use.

There are other examples of programs — the undisputed leader — a Microsoft Word for document preparation for printing, it is Adobe Photoshop for working with raster images. Create a new paid program competing with these — not a very good idea, at least for a startup.
But in systems for recruiters there is absolutely no such example. And there are many more niches in other areas.

What’s more, it should be noted that many CRM created long ago, and have a fairly large well-established architecture — difficult for them adapts itself to new trends and the need of users. The flexibility of our system — is the icing on the cake, which is made up of good and global opportunities.

Price policy of our company is very loyal, so everyone can afford to use CleverStaff, in other words, we are trying to make their lives a little bit better. I emphasize that speaking about revenues necessary to put the accent, it’s not for pleasure-boats and houses, and to invest in further development and new projects.
Globally, we are doing work in this stream. Of course, to do our project CleverStaff and should do much more other projects. Information technology in many more areas can accelerate and increase the flows of energy.

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