We present you the June improvements of CleverStaff!

8 improvements and 1 announcement
1. Now CleverStaff can upload resume archives into your account and does it quite intellectually.
He does not add candidates from repeated resumes and defines cities well.
To use this feature go to cleverstaff.net/!#/candidate/add/zip

2. The ability to modify and delete comments.
3. There is the list of some our clients appeared on our site https://cleverstaff.net.
4. A new version of the extension for LinkedIn has been released. LinkedIn is being also developed and we have to keep up with it when it’s developers introduce innovation in the user interface.
Extension for Chrome updates automatically. The new version for Firefox please take from here cleverstaff.net/extension/CleverstaffExtension4Firefox.xpi
5. The loading of the list of candidates and vacancies has been speed up. This has been done due to remark of our new users from «King’s Choice» company. The loading of the site cleverstaff.net has been sped up as well.
6. Some program errors and inaccuracies has been fixed.
7. It has been improved the usability and layout of the list of candidates for the vacancy and scrolling of the list of candidates, vacancies and customers.
8. The receiving of candidates from mail has been improved.
Soon in August we will implement a new possibility to hold the database of employees in CleverStaff. It is expected by several companies. We remember, soon we will please you :)

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