We boosted the CleverStaff processing speed


Every day we see new users join the CleverStaff: some register for the first time, some migrate their databases from another ATS. It’s a pleasure to see their databases grow. :)

At the same, the growth of our users’ databases slows the system processing speed. Therefore, the loading speed of pages and database search take more time. In other words, the system speed decreased a bit.

We boosted the CleverStaff speed.

We implemented architectural changes for 3 times to make the system operate faster: twice in January and once in February. Now the system speed grew, and database search became significantly faster.

However, we don’t stop on this. Our team optimizes the system every day to make it faster and more convenient for you. Be ready to notice a new level of processing speed growth in the nearest future.

Log into the system now and check the improvements yourself! :)

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