About Recruiting Funnel

Снимок экрана от 2015-07-31 13:29:49

It is known to all sales funnel, applied to recruitment. Funnel recruiting is based on the number of candidates to the added position and transfers them steps forward.

The most interesting thing that shows the funnel recruiting — is the conversion between the stages. Good conversion saves a lot of time, because to close the vacant post is to be found less than candidates and as a result, less work with them.Stages with the lowest conversion — a zone of growth productivity.

It is useful to compare the different recruiters recruiting funnel and the whole company. It will be seen who is more effective and at what stages, they should share their experiences with others.

In CleverStaff appeared here such a wonderful recruiting funnel for vacancies recruiters and clients (customers)!

Now it will be clearly seen:
— The efficiency of each job,
— The performance of each recruiter and his progress
— As well as the customers can compare the total conversion of their jobs.


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