New Version: Outlook Calendar and upgraded ‘Hiring Manager’ role

Dear friends,

On December, 13th, we released the new CleverStaff version, to make your recruiting experience much better.

Here is the list of improvements:

1. Integration with Outlook Calendar (!#/activity/calendar).

CleverStaff _ Integration with Outlook Calendar

2. Now you can upload the candidates’ database as an Excel file (!#/candidates) at ‘Bulk Import’ block.

CleverStaff _ candidates' database as an Excel file

3. We upgraded the ‘Hiring Manager’ role. Now you can mark users in this role as responsible for specific vacancies and Hiring Managers can see only those vacancies and candidates chosen for them. Thanks to UNIQA and 585 GOLD !

4. Many updates for the user interface and the user experience.

5. Now you can check the number of vacancies added for each candidate on ‘Candidates’ page:!#/candidates


P.S. LinkedIn updated the interface for some users so some LinkedIn integrations with CleverStaff could not work on 100%. We need a couple of days to fix the integration with the new LinkedIn interface. You are a lucky one if your LinkedIn interface didn’t change :)

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