News of April

What good came in April in CleverStaff?
1) Interaction and as cool as with LinkedIn!
2) Improved algorithm for finding resume in mailbox.
3) Our new friends from Singapore requested us to add Asian languages and currencies and we have done it.
4) There is a list of actual vacancies and last actions on them has been appeared on the organizer page. This is easy access to user vacancies in work.
5) Adding candidate now with auto-completion in field «Desired position» and the ability to complement the directory of positions. This hint was requested by Natalia Zaitseva. Thanks her for it :-)
6) The last comment on the candidate is now possible to look up on the candidate profile, no need scroll down the page. This is from Yuriy Gorokhovsky.
7) The recommendation of candidates for vacancies has been improved by the remark of Juliy Verenko.
The month of May will be very interesting too! :-)

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