New version: the ‘Researcher’ role, search via multiple languages’ and expired sessions’ saving

We released the latest CleverStaff version with a number of new features and improvements.

Here is the list of them:

1. A ’FAQ’ page. Find answers to frequently asked questions and information in the following categories:
– “Guide and work in system”
– “Payment, plans, and agreements”
– “Data security and users’ access levels”
– “Database export/import and data migration” and others.

We will keep on updating this section.

FAQ _ CleverStaff2. Expired sessions’ saving. If a browser session expired, you can restore it to the last page opened: just log in and the page appears again. Thanks to GUID for the idea!

3. New role: ‘Researcher’. This role has an access only to vacancies he/she is responsible for and only to candidates added by this specific user. Cannot see other users. Paid user.

CleverStaff _ Researcher

4. Candidates’ search via multiple languages: choose multiple languages as search criteria (up to three) while you search candidates in your database.

CleverStaff _ Candidates’ search via multiple languages

5. Improved user interface. Now all the elements and buttons have a common style.

6. Advanced passwords’ verification when new users register.

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