New version: boosted speed and new LinkedIn integration

We released the new version of a system.

Here are the improvements:

1. Add candidates much faster. We boosted the speed needed to add candidates to your CleverStaff database so now you can add candidates 3-4 times faster!

2. Ability to add candidates from the list of LinkedIn profiles. Once you add them, all the data from their LinkedIn profiles appears in their profile at CleverStaff. Thanks for the feature request to Genadiusz Pysanka from SBT Systems!

You can save candidates from a list at the following pages:
Search results
“My Network”
> In the contacts list

If you cannot find the “Save to CleverStaff” button, your CleverStaff Extension has not updated automatically.


To update an extension, go to “Settings” in your Google Chrome. In the “Extensions” tab place a checkmark on “Developer Mode” and click on the “Update extensions now”.


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