New CleverStaff Version: second part of improvements :)

Dear friends,

We added a new part of system improvements for you. Hope you will like them!

1. Improved validation of some fields for Candidates’ and Clients’ profiles. Thanks to Olga Kotova!

2. ‘Our vacancies for candidates’ page now looks better on smartphones. Thanks to Elena Atrosh from

3. Now you can see all vacancies and candidates visible for invited Hiring Managers and Freelancers. Those roles have limited access to your company database. Now you can be sure that those invitees will see only the data you want them to see.

vacancies and candidates visible for Hiring Managers and Freelancers

4. More clear and convenient work with applicants for vacancies.

5. Dozens of small improvements for user interface and user experience.


Igor Semyzhenko | Product @ CleverStaff

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