Why Using Jira for Recruiting is Worse Than Orgasm Imitation

In this article I’ll explain why you should not use Jira to manage candidates, vacancies, clients, interviews and other activities tracking.

Why do recruiters use Jira?

Jira is a good soft for bugs tracking, task tracking and project management. It’s really good for IT teams and software development. IT companies love Jira.

When recruiters request their company management to try special recruitment software, the management responds: ‘Do you need to manage candidates’ database? Use Jira. It’s customizable’.

I claim that Jira is terrible for recruitment. Let me explain:

1. You cannot add CV to your database quickly. And that’s enough. 

It’s not enough to add a file to a task.

There are some ‘must’ functions in a good recruiting software for instant resume import to your database:

A. Resume parsing. It works when you upload CV and the system extracts: Name, contacts, photo, DOB, city and other (gif example).
B. Ability to add candidates from LinkedIn and/or job boards in 1 click (gif example).
C. Automatical resume import from email.
D. Bulk resume import as an archive.

You should have many candidates to fill vacancies with you internal database only without any expenses on external services. Advanced recruiting teams try to maximize this number.

But if recruiters cannot instantly add candidates to a database, they would add a limited number of resumes sufficient for formal filling vacancies.

2. Duplicates checking when importing a new candidate.

This checking should focus on name and contacts first.

3. Recruiting reports.

And many other useful and great features designed and released to perfectly match recruiters needs.

Jira is a good service, but you should not use it for recruiting. It’s a poor imitation of professional recruiting software. Even if Jira customized specifically for recruiters’ needs.

Some companies use Jira to save money on paid recruitment software.

It’s obvious, that such saving is misleading. The efficiency loss and a pair of non-filled vacancies will be more expensive than the 1-year cost of recruiting software usage.

That’s why recruiters’ life is brighter and better when they convince their management to buy professional applicant tracking system / recruiting software.


Vladimir Kurilo
CEO @ CleverStaff

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