Integration with CV Online and improvement of usability

Dear friends! We are happy to inform you about the next portion of useful CleverStaff updates which were released in July!
This time we are spreading our integration to the Baltic States and improving the usability of our system – now our customers can more ;)

1. Integration with CV Online – we are expanding the boundaries! Now our extension for browser supports the biggest Latvian job board
2. Now customers are able to switch role from Hiring Manager to any other role.

23. One more improvement were done specially for the candidate’s profile. Our tech support were asked for several times regarding changing of a customer’s name/surname in the system – starting from July our customers can do this by themselves!3
4. The link to a notifications’ settings was added to the CleverStaff notification letters.
45. As we announced previously, we are continuing to expand the functionality of tasks. Previously we have added the option of tasks making in Clients module. Now you are able to choose the type of task: ordinary task, call or meeting. As a bonus from our team you are getting the new design of the task window :)
56. After the big number of incoming requests we have added a button for deleting of invited customers. After clicking on the email address of an invited customer you will see a new window where you can delete an invitation to your CleverStaff account.6

7. On requests of our customers we have added an option of the candidate’s profile opening in a new window by clicking of a mouse wheel. In order to do this you can point your cursor to the selected candidate from the list and click on wheel.

We are still warning up, to be continued!


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